Tripod, Sat 22nd Dec – Sold Out


Spring Break: The Miracle on Harcourt Street
Sold Out.

Spring Break fans,

Jan Van Couver here, currently writing you from the Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat Spa.

Marilu Henner and I are now on the final leg of our extended holiday tour of the world’s top integrated health hideaways. This prolonged sojourn – my first of 30+ years in music, excepting, of course, an enforced break from entertaining huge crowds in the early 90s, due to the short-lived popularity of a swathe of be-flannelled ‘musicians’ with a dubiously bleak world view – has taken in many destinations..

Stays at The Ashram and The Esalen Institute in California, In:Spa in Marrakech and The Big Stretch in northern Spain’s Picos mountains have ignited a flame in my nerve centre, and allowed me to once more clearly focus on the axiom that underscores audacious hit-making: dream; interpret; beguile.

But enough show: more business.

News has arrived freshly via telefax that the Spring Break Xmas Show 2007: The Miracle on Harcourt Street © has now sold out. On behalf of Carmichael, Hilton, Jim, Kendrick and myself, thank you to all who picked up tickets for what we guarantee will be the most fun-filled night of theatrics you could have this coming holiday season. Our entire production team is now in full swing planning the show and our hope is to eclipse all that has gone before in our career together as a friends, colleagues and members of the GOP.

We’ll be making a special announcement closer to the event so be sure to look out for further electronic mails, or check in with us at our home on the Information Superhighway:

Keep the fire burnin’,
Jan & Spring Break