Sugar Club October 20th



We’ve been surprised before, but this takes the cake – all advance tickets are gone! If you didn’t get yours, don’t panic.

A small amount of tickets will be available from 8pm at the Sugar Club on the night of the performance, first come first served.
Due to the huge demand tickets cannot be reserved either from the Sugar Club or ourselves.

Sold out Spring Break shows have long been known to revolutionise attitudes, morals and even entire belief systems, but now Ireland’s leading super group can proudly announce that their crepuscular, pacific grooves have initiated regime change in the former Soviet state of Nukehavistan.

It all began last year when senior representatives of Chevron-Texaco Corp, Conoco-Phillips and Nestle contacted Jan Van Couver about the possibility of his charges becoming the first western group to play in the rogue nation’s capital, Warhednya.

The show took place last Saturday and with all six of us hitting top gear, things were really cookin’ by the time we were joined onstage by long time buddy Dom DeLuise for a flamboyant run through You’re The Voice. The resultant riot lasted a week and turned power over to a merciless, dictatorial junta: Spring Break fled the country by helicopter and hitched a ride home from theBlack Sea aboard the USS Reagan.

We’re now resting up after the ordeal and are obeying doctor’s orders to keep replenishing fluid at every opportunity – though whether sinking a bevy of Brandy Alexanders and Margaritas by mid morning are part of those orders is questionable, but experience has taught us the only way to plan an electrifying show in the Sugar Club is with a robust cocktail in hand.

See you at show time,
Spring Break