St. Frat’s weekend show


We’ve just posted some photos of our Frat’s day Show here:

Sunday 18th March,
Temple Bar Music Centre
doors 8pm, live music & club till 3am

Many thanks to all you beautiful folk who braved the weather and made it such a special night!

Check out our pre-gig movie

Spring Break.


As we move into the season which threw up the debauched event to which we lend our name, we here at Spring Break Towers are ready to move through the gears once again and make plans for the year ahead. That’s not to say we haven’t been working flat out since the holidays though: far from it, in fact. For the past five weeks we’ve been writing a synth-musical based on the life of our greatly-missed friend and economic adviser, Milton Friedman.

Distilling the essence of a man whose belief in the free-market was matched only by his faith in the music of Huey Lewis wasn’t easy, but we soon found our personal memories of this true behemoth of 20th Century economics bankrolled a surplus of wistful, yet emotionally prudent compositions. We will forever be indebted to Milton for campaigning, on our behalf, for the great Reagan tax cut of 1981 and we hope this show goes some way to posthumously repaying a man whose ideology – when finally implemented – enabled us to live on enormous, custom-built catamarans for over 25 years.

The show is called ‘You Can’t Say Laissez Fairer Than That’, and opens on Broadway this summer. We’re delighted to tentatively announce that our old hunting buddy, Andrew McCarthy, is in talks to play the lead. The title track and a shorter companion piece – ‘Smooth Liberal’ – will hopefully be available for download in the fall.

With this emotionally intense period of composing concluded, we last week decamped to our rehearsal yacht in the Virgin Islands, in an effort to get to know ourselves, each other and our music again. Now that our souls have been searched, our batteries recharged and our music re-invigorated, we’ve set a course for March 18th and the Temple Bar Music Centre.

We’ll be stopping to pick up Sonny Prizewater and Campari, Schweppes & Ice from round Kokomo somewhere on the way home, but we’ll be back in enough time to construct a show that would make our cronies on the Super Bowl Organisation Committee blush.

Keep the fire burnin’,
Spring Break