December 23rd tickets sold out!


Tickets for Tripod Dec 23rd are sold out in the shops and online. Many thanks for buying them so swiftly!

Due to external computer trickery, suspended online sales for an hour yesterday from around 10.30am to install new security measures. We understand this left some of you without tickets and we apologise.
We have more shows to announce shortly, so email JOIN to to get on our mailing list.

In the meantime, here’s a personal message from our refreshment consultant, Sonny Prizewater.

Hey Spring Break fans, Sonny Prizewater here.

As some of you will know, it was cocktails, ribald tales and dexterity with a knife that saw me rise through the ranks of Outatime Industries – Spring Break’s corporate arm – but it is my ability to spot second rate business opportunities that has kept me there for so long. I’ve never looked back since advising the guys against sinking capital in to Heaven’s Gate back in 1980. It was also me who pleaded with Jim Break to plough everything he had in to bubble dispensing pipes in ’86: that one put his kids through college.

As news has just filtered through that Spring Break’s Xmas spectacular in Tripod has sold out, it’s obvious to me that there many others out there with similar foresight. Thanks to all of you who picked up tickets for this show – we aim to make it not just the most fun-filled night of the holidays but also the best investment you’ve ever made.

Keep the fire burnin’

Sonny & Spring Break