Tripod 22nd May 2010


Hey Spring Break fans,

John Madden here, tackling all the latest issues in the world of Spring Break. Take a knee.

Polo, fencing, offshore yacht racing: when it comes to sport, Spring Break have long enjoyed engaging in the highborn leisure pursuits that most accurately reflect the cultured refinement of their musical performances. It’s fair to say the guys are to those civilised divertissements what Dom DeLuise was to unbridled excess at a chili cook off, but the world’s leading super group didn’t get to where they are today without occasionally taking the road less exclusively travelled by. One such thoroughfare led to Giants Stadium, New York in the summer of 1982 and a sport defined by its worldwide appeal, much like Spring Break.

In a time characterised by passing fads, soccer – anspringbreak86web unglamourous field sport apparently popular with men the world over – seemed like another fleeting craze, merely following in the footsteps left by the cross-trainers of lapsed joggers, viagra instructors and jazzercisers. But I was soon to discover – much like Tom Selleck did with Indiana Jones – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure: where one man sees a sport that, on the surface, appears to be a dreary free for all, another sees the opportunity to score lucrative corporate tie-ins with a global reach.

Jan Van Couver was determined to integrate his band in to the fabric of the self-styled ‘beautiful game’ to avail of the commercial opportunities that seemed to be presenting themselves like open goals. It was clear that the best way of achieving this was to spearhead a campaign that would secure for the US the position of host country for the World Soccer Cup. A hat trick of offers were tabled: a meet and greet for FIFA delegates with long-time Spring Break confidante Loni Anderson, signed photos from the cast of The Scarecrow & Mrs. King and a scat-funk symphony written with Al Jarreau that would be performed as the centrepiece to the opening ceremony of the thirteenth World Soccer Cup, in Mexico City on May 31st, 1986.

The presentation of this celebrity-heavy triumvirate of delights was enough to wow the powers that be at FIFA for a length of time that enabled Kenny Berrera to tamper with the ballot boxes and ensure the 1994 World Soccer Cup would be coming to the land of the free. Van Couver’s trademark opportunism was the catalyst for this, the greatest coup in the long and chequered history of Spring Break’s dynamic synergies.

This May 22nd, Spring Break will be kicking off a short pre-World Soccer Cup tour with a gig in Dublin’s Tripod. Tickets for this show are €26.50 and go on sale at 10am, Thursday April 15th, online at and in Sound Cellar of     Nassau St.

I hope to see you at the show – I know we’re going to have a ball.

John & Spring Break.