Super Saturday sold out!


Hey Spring Break fans, Sonny Prizewater here.

Over the more than three decades I’ve been an employee of Outatime Industries – Spring Break’s corporate arm – I’ve witnessed historic events, made some unforgettable cocktails and seen inspiration inspired, but these past 24hrs have really waylaid me. News has just reached me that our Super Saturday show in Tripod sold out last night as I was making my way to Beijing for the Olympic ceremony later today.

I immediately contacted the guys to let them know and I can tell you, I haven’t heard such composed disbelief since I phoned Ron and Nancy back in late ’83 to tell them of their landslide victory over Mondale (photo attached). Thanks, on behalf of us all, for ticking the box marked Spring Break and once again making us your #1. We look forward to seeing you at the show.

Keep the fire burnin’,

Sonny & Spring Break