Spring Break Button Factory Temple Bar Patrick’s Day 2012


Hey Spring Break fans,

Ed Koch here – the guys have assured me they hope this electronic mail finds you in good health.

Being the head of the executive branch of NYC’s government can be a steep learning curve. Ignoring the growing AIDS epidemic, accusing Jesse Jackson of being an anti-Semite, alienating small town voters, supporting the death penalty and stymieing civil liberty legislation were all mistakes made on my watch. But if there’s one thing I really learned as a three term Mayor of New York, it was how to throw a parade. Much like the ‘half moon’ parties during Carnival on the tropical island of Aruba I like to attend to this day, a NYC St Patrick’s Day Parade requires singing, dancing and half-baked mysticism. Begosh and begorrah, I found myself thinking back in the Fall of ’81, who in entertainment is so full of blarney they can provide all three whilst epatricks-flyer1qually satisfying the demands of camp artistic directors and workaday NYC administrators?

They say St Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland; my decision to make Jan Van Couver the Grand Marshall of the 1982 St Patrick’s Day Parade drove the liberal elite to the edge of reason. Most commentators were put off by Van Couver’s plans to launch his debut solo single on the day but many more were outraged by his attempts to include Halliburton, Lockheed Corporation, DynCorp and ConocoPhillips floats in the parade. But these agenda-setters had underestimated the Spring Break front man, a man of paradoxes: big business and civic pride; red, white & blue patriotism and offshore business accounts; hot air and Celtic mist. When it comes to Jan Van Couver, anything can go together, even the leader of the world’s foremost super group himself and large scale municipal planning under tight budgetary constraints. March 17th arrived and saw the most excessive cavalcade of corporate largesse and crackpot folklore this great nation has still ever seen.

Now, 30 years later, Van Couver will head the Dublin parade, which will lead to the doors of The Button Factory and a Spring Break concert of unmitigated Irish-American jingoism. Tickets for this show are €25 and go on sale at 10am, Friday, February 10th, online at www.tickets.ie and in Sound Cellar of Nassau St.

Hope to see you at the show and that the road rises to meet you at the top of the morning.

Ed & Spring Break.