Patrick’s Weekend at the Button Factory March 16th


Hey Spring Break fans,

Matthew Broderick here – the guys assure me they hope this electronic mail finds you in good health.

It takes a real man to admit he’s afraid and my friends in Spring Break are nothing if not those exact kinda guys. Non-alcoholic cocktails, double-handed drop shots and Democratic fundraisers are just some of the things that leave them lying awake in their GOP bed sheets at night. One thing they’ve never been fearful of, however, is hard work.

Back in 1986 while my film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was connecting with audiences in theaters everywhere from Hollywood to Hiroshima, the world’s greatest 80s super group were as busy as they’d ever been. The Statue of Liberty’s centennial year saw the guys open a chain of Jazzercise clinics countrywide, write original hymns for the wedding ceremony of Tony Danza and Tracy Robinson, design the Break Away resort and entertainment complex they planned to build in Sun City, perform with Al Jarreau at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Mexico City, and win the Pebble Beach Charity Pro-Am with Fuzzy Zoeller for the third straight year.

By the time October came around and it was time for Spring Break to travel to Reykjavík as part of the continued discussions focussed on scaling back Soviet and US intermediate missile arsenals in Europe, the band’s collective needle was in the red. They needed a way out and who better to call than yours truly – a kid whose flair for high concept nonattendance had been breaking box office records since early spring.

After hatching a plan with the aid of Oliver North, Connie Chung and Emmanuel Lewis we all ended up spending an unforgettable week together at John Ritter’s Chicago lake house – a week that culminated in us crashing the Columbus Day parade downtown (photo attached). Boy can that Connie Chung tap dance…

This March 16th we need you to be Spring Break’s excuse! The guys are ducking out of a prior engagement – an audience with Bruce Boxleitner – to perform in Dublin’s Button Factory. Tickets for this show are €24.00 and go on sale at 10am, Feb 10th online at and in Sound Cellar of Nassau St.

We hope to see you there.

Until then, stay in school and keep the fire burnin’,

Matthew & Spring Break