December 23rd at The Button Factory



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Hey Spring Break fans,

 Gordon “ALF” Shumway here – the guys hope this message finds you in stellar form.

 Back in the late 80s when my top 10 rated show was babysitting kids from Philadelphia to Portland, and everywhere in between, my bawdy wise-cracking was so potent it was difficult for me not to admire my own comic vigour. Unsurprising then that my catchphrase became “I kill me!” Little did I know, however, that soon it would be my own career I’d be sentencing to death.

 People think that ALF was cancelled because of declining viewership and on-set tensions between the cast when really it was due to a close encounter of the furred kind I had with the wife of producer Bernie Brillstein at the NBC Christmas party in 1989! And so as the curtain came down on that glorious decade, my run as America’s hairiest household name was also over.

 Initially things weren’t too bad but when ET, the Predator (real name Jeff Powers), and myself agreed to sink our money in to and become the public faces of a chain of Planet Hollywoods on our respective home planets, we lost everything we had. Things got so bad I was struggling to put cats on the table. But I was fortunate, ET hit the bottle pretty hard and ended up doing a long stretch inside for a string of DUIs. Worse still, the Predator ended up working in talk radio.

 But now, thankfully, with the help of my buddies in Spring Break my star is once again on the rise. In return for securing them favourable information about the tendering process for upcoming exploratory fossil fuel drilling back on Melmac, they’ve invited me to open for them on tour by reading from my upcoming autobiography Back Down To Earth. I couldn’t be more grateful to Europe’s greatest super group, because with this kind of exposure I know it won’t be long until my book is martian up the best-seller lists!

 Come join us when the show reaches Dublin’s Button Factory this December 23rd. Tickets are €26.50 and go on sale at this Friday, October 17th!

 We hope to see you there – it’s going to be out of this world!


Gordon/”ALF” & Spring Break