Christmas Show Button Factory Temple Bar 23rd of December

Tickets for this year’s Christmas show have sold out. Thank you everyone who bought tickets. If you missed out and want to be the first to know of future shows please email us with “join” in the subject line and we’ll add you to our mailing list.
Hey Spring Break fans,
Kim Cattrall here – the guys have asked me to take some time out of my sex-filled schedule to blow news of their Christmas show in your ear.
Throughout the entirety of my professional life, from the moment I first met them at one of Jack Klugman’s pool parties to only last week when Jan Van Couver accompanied me to the launch of my new book – Sexcapades – Spring Break have been a source of near-constant emotional support and occasional physical comfort. And when required, the world’s premier super group have always been on hand to help me get inside the heads of the many badly sketched, one-dimensional characters that have defined my career.
Upon hearing I had won the role of Joanne Nicholls in Columbo, Jim Break taught me the directional secret of Peter Falk’s gaze. Before I stepped on the set of Big Trouble In Little China it was Kendrick Berrera who warned me that women get lost not in Kurt Russell’s eyes but in his hair. And only a couple of years ago Hilton Burbank assuaged any fears I had about Sex & the City 2 by telling me that every once in a while we all pocket an enormous cheque to take part in a disgusting vanity project devoid of even the slightest pretence of artistic merit or integrity.
The role I’m most proudly remembered for, however, is that of Emmy in the motion picture event, Mannequin. As an actress with such a wide and energetic range I was naturally worried about playing an inanimate object brought to life. Enter Spring Break, stage left. The guys turned their contacts book upside down and before I knew it I was sitting in William Shatner’s house with Bill himself, Roger Moore, Brigitte Nielsen, Judge Reinhold, Pierce Brosnan and a young Helen Hunt. Within hours I was imbued with not necessarily a sense that less is more but rather that scarcely anything at all is far too much. I was ready to just about act like I’d never barely acted before. It would turn out to be the non-performance of a lifetime – one that I will forever be indebted to the guys for enabling.
This Christmas I’ll be stopping by the Brown Thomas window to recreate the iconic poster for the movie with one of the men who set me on the path to discovering the wooden, one-trick routine that would come to exemplify the rest of my career: Jan Van Couver.
After that I’ll be going to see the man himself perform with Spring Break in The Button Factory on December 23rd. Tickets for this show are €26.50 and go on sale at 10am, Friday, October 21st, online at and in Sound Cellar of Nassau St. Doors open at 7.30pm, late club with Spring Break DJs til 3am.
I hope to see you at the show – you’d be a dummy to miss it!

Kim & Spring Break.