Live at The Button Factory March 16th 2015

Great Scott, Spring Break fans!
Christopher Lloyd here, the band assures me they hope this electronic correspondence finds you both well and in 2015.
When the script for the hit motion picture Back To The Future first dropped on my desk the similarities between my character Emmet “Doc” Brown and the career, at that point in time, of my great friends in Spring Break were immediately apparent: flair for experimentation, a cast-iron belief in the scientific method, and rumoured criminal enterprises involving Libyan terrorists.
Having vowed to one day work with Jim Break and his musical life-partners after an unforgettable weekend spent idea-storming at the Montego Bay wedding of long-time friend and confidant, Michael Winslow, it came as a wonderful surprise to discover they were hired shortly after me to work on Bob Zemeckis’s time-travel romp as musical directors, as well as appearing as Marty McFly’s band at the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance at the end of the film.
The first two weeks of the shoot were a dream and, even as Eric Stoltz’s performances steadily deteriorated to the point where he was replaced by Mike Fox, the good vibes on set grew each day as the 80s super group regaled us all between takes with hilarious stories of commercial synergies with private military contractors, and PR drives for their benefactors and companions in the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency sector of the World Bank.
But unfortunately things took a turn when Hilton Burbank started pushing the producers Bob Gale and Neil Canton to find a role for his then girlfriend Linda Evans. It wasn’t long after that Kenny Berrera’s inappropriate behaviour towards Lea Thompson became almost as problematic as Jim Break’s carousing with Crispin Glover. When Sherri Campari decided to surreptitiously take the Delorean used in the film to go on a date with Bruce Boxleitner the jig was up and the band, relieved of their duties, were hopping in their hovercraft to join Stoltz on holiday in Aruba where they’d introduce him to Cher and, ultimately, the career-defining roll of Rocky Dennis in Mask.
Thirty years on, join Spring Break as they take to the stage of Dublin’s Button Factory this March 16th, to play the hit songs they wrote for Back To The Future as well as some other classics from their repertoire. Tickets are €24.50 and go on sale at this Wednesday, February 4th!
You don’t want to miss it – sometimes lightning does strike twice!
Christopher & Spring Break
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