Spring Break Christmas 2018

Hey Spring Break fans,

Ralph Macchio here; please, come, sit.

When the karate craze kicked, punched, and swept its way through the US in the early 80s, Spring Break were early adopters of a fad which compelled them to focus on three things they had long been devotees of: discipline, aerobic endurance, and the monetization of a burgeoning demographic, a market they harnessed in this instance, by opening a chain of karate halls throughout the state of California.

In the winter of ’82, Karate Party dojos started to spring up all over the Golden State. Here was a band, who when it came to the arts, were determined to prove they were just as at home in the martial as they were in the performing. Lead guitar player, Kenny Berrera, a long-time practitioner of the ancient form of had to hand combat, oversaw the operation.

It was in the San Fernando Valley branch of Karate Party that I convened with the deadly axe-man in the balmy spring of 1983. I’d just finished shooting The Outsiders with a soon-to-be all-star cast, including a diminutive unknown actor called Tom Cruise. When I told him my next project was a movie called The Karate Kid it was he who suggested I hook up with black belt rocker, Berrera, to learn the skills necessary for the part of Daniel Russo.

Though Berrera was a man renowned throughout the entertainment business for his idiosyncratic approach to things – guitar playing, love making, and, as it turns out, karate instruction – I still, perhaps foolishly, expected him to adopt a classic “watch-repeat-learn” approach in the confines of his state of the art facility. How wrong I was.

Instead I was taken to his beachfront Malibu condo to paint his fence and wax his Porsche 944. Quite why I was exposed to such menial tasks was initially lost on me, but in time I realised I was not only being eccentrically armed with the tools necessary for competitive karate, but also learning something just as important but more intangible too. What exactly that was, I didn’t and still don’t know, but it definitely felt like that was the case.

I was ready to perform the role that would define my career, and also reshape the screenplay with some of Berrera’s unique teaching methods. The Karate Kid was a commercial and critical smash, and it was only a few short years later I returned to that Malibu condo, with an electric guitar and a tummy full of butterflies, ready to learn once more, prior to filming the musical drama Crossroads.

This Christmas – December 23rd – join Berrera and his band mates in the Button Factory, where they’ll be playing an action-packed set including the hit song they composed for the Karate Kid OST, The Glory of Love.

Tickets are €27.50 and are on sale at Today.

I hope you can make it along – you’ll really get a kick out of it!

Ralph & Spring Break
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Great Scott, Spring Break fans!
Christopher Lloyd here, the band assures me they hope this electronic correspondence finds you both well and in 2015.
When the script for the hit motion picture Back To The Future first dropped on my desk the similarities between my character Emmet “Doc” Brown and the career, at that point in time, of my great friends in Spring Break were immediately apparent: flair for experimentation, a cast-iron belief in the scientific method, and rumoured criminal enterprises involving Libyan terrorists.
Having vowed to one day work with Jim Break and his musical life-partners after an unforgettable weekend spent idea-storming at the Montego Bay wedding of long-time friend and confidant, Michael Winslow, it came as a wonderful surprise to discover they were hired shortly after me to work on Bob Zemeckis’s time-travel romp as musical directors, as well as appearing as Marty McFly’s band at the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance at the end of the film.
The first two weeks of the shoot were a dream and, even as Eric Stoltz’s performances steadily deteriorated to the point where he was replaced by Mike Fox, the good vibes on set grew each day as the 80s super group regaled us all between takes with hilarious stories of commercial synergies with private military contractors, and PR drives for their benefactors and companions in the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency sector of the World Bank.
But unfortunately things took a turn when Hilton Burbank started pushing the producers Bob Gale and Neil Canton to find a role for his then girlfriend Linda Evans. It wasn’t long after that Kenny Berrera’s inappropriate behaviour towards Lea Thompson became almost as problematic as Jim Break’s carousing with Crispin Glover. When Sherri Campari decided to surreptitiously take the Delorean used in the film to go on a date with Bruce Boxleitner the jig was up and the band, relieved of their duties, were hopping in their hovercraft to join Stoltz on holiday in Aruba where they’d introduce him to Cher and, ultimately, the career-defining roll of Rocky Dennis in Mask.
Thirty years on, join Spring Break as they take to the stage of Dublin’s Button Factory this March 16th, to play the hit songs they wrote for Back To The Future as well as some other classics from their repertoire. Tickets are €24.50 and go on sale at this Wednesday, February 4th!
You don’t want to miss it – sometimes lightning does strike twice!
Christopher & Spring Break
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Hey Spring Break fans,

 Gordon “ALF” Shumway here – the guys hope this message finds you in stellar form.

 Back in the late 80s when my top 10 rated show was babysitting kids from Philadelphia to Portland, and everywhere in between, my bawdy wise-cracking was so potent it was difficult for me not to admire my own comic vigour. Unsurprising then that my catchphrase became “I kill me!” Little did I know, however, that soon it would be my own career I’d be sentencing to death.

 People think that ALF was cancelled because of declining viewership and on-set tensions between the cast when really it was due to a close encounter of the furred kind I had with the wife of producer Bernie Brillstein at the NBC Christmas party in 1989! And so as the curtain came down on that glorious decade, my run as America’s hairiest household name was also over.

 Initially things weren’t too bad but when ET, the Predator (real name Jeff Powers), and myself agreed to sink our money in to and become the public faces of a chain of Planet Hollywoods on our respective home planets, we lost everything we had. Things got so bad I was struggling to put cats on the table. But I was fortunate, ET hit the bottle pretty hard and ended up doing a long stretch inside for a string of DUIs. Worse still, the Predator ended up working in talk radio.

 But now, thankfully, with the help of my buddies in Spring Break my star is once again on the rise. In return for securing them favourable information about the tendering process for upcoming exploratory fossil fuel drilling back on Melmac, they’ve invited me to open for them on tour by reading from my upcoming autobiography Back Down To Earth. I couldn’t be more grateful to Europe’s greatest super group, because with this kind of exposure I know it won’t be long until my book is martian up the best-seller lists!

 Come join us when the show reaches Dublin’s Button Factory this December 23rd. Tickets are €26.50 and go on sale at this Friday, October 17th!

 We hope to see you there – it’s going to be out of this world!


Gordon/”ALF” & Spring Break

Just a reminder that we’ll be hitting the play button on the VCR at 8pm (13.00PST) tonight to kick off our show in The Button factory in Temple Bar. There will be some tickets available on the door from 7pm

Hey Spring Break fans,

Matthew Broderick here – the guys assure me they hope this electronic mail finds you in good health.

It takes a real man to admit he’s afraid and my friends in Spring Break are nothing if not those exact kinda guys. Non-alcoholic cocktails, double-handed drop shots and Democratic fundraisers are just some of the things that leave them lying awake in their GOP bed sheets at night. One thing they’ve never been fearful of, however, is hard work.

Back in 1986 while my film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was connecting with audiences in theaters everywhere from Hollywood to Hiroshima, the world’s greatest 80s super group were as busy as they’d ever been. The Statue of Liberty’s centennial year saw the guys open a chain of Jazzercise clinics countrywide, write original hymns for the wedding ceremony of Tony Danza and Tracy Robinson, design the Break Away resort and entertainment complex they planned to build in Sun City, perform with Al Jarreau at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Mexico City, and win the Pebble Beach Charity Pro-Am with Fuzzy Zoeller for the third straight year.

By the time October came around and it was time for Spring Break to travel to Reykjavík as part of the continued discussions focussed on scaling back Soviet and US intermediate missile arsenals in Europe, the band’s collective needle was in the red. They needed a way out and who better to call than yours truly – a kid whose flair for high concept nonattendance had been breaking box office records since early spring.

After hatching a plan with the aid of Oliver North, Connie Chung and Emmanuel Lewis we all ended up spending an unforgettable week together at John Ritter’s Chicago lake house – a week that culminated in us crashing the Columbus Day parade downtown (photo attached). Boy can that Connie Chung tap dance…

This March 16th we need you to be Spring Break’s excuse! The guys are ducking out of a prior engagement – an audience with Bruce Boxleitner – to perform in Dublin’s Button Factory. Tickets for this show are €24.00 and go on sale at 10am, Feb 10th online at and in Sound Cellar of Nassau St.

We hope to see you there.

Until then, stay in school and keep the fire burnin’,

Matthew & Spring Break

Here at Spring Break Towers plans are in an advanced state to move forward with a multi faceted strategy for announcing our next Dublin City, Ireland public show on Saint Patrick’s weekend Q1 2014.
Please email “join” to to stay up to date with ticket launch information.

Hey Spring Break fans,

We hope this electronic mail finds you well.

Spring is here but, as always, taking a break is the furthest thing from our minds. It’s this time of year when we raise anchor and plot a course for another voyage of self-discovery and intense showbiz action. And right now we’re on a pilgrimage to the heart of our creative core, focussing our attention on the preparation of a dazzling show that will be the centrepiece of our dear friend Elisabeth Shue’s 50th birthday bash this fall.

It’s been hard work dreaming up a spectacle that does justice to an actress whose natural empathy, wise counsel and passion for legwarmers in summer inspired a karate kid to become a karate man. But it sure has been rewarding paying tribute to a friend who’s touching a half-century but looks as though she’s just travelled back to this future.

Our celebration of Liz’s life – If The Shue Fits… – is nearing completion and a song we’ve composed especially for the occasion, On The Other Foot, should be marching in to the charts before the month’s out.

With this emotionally intense period of composing concluded, we this week convened at our rehearsal facility in Langley (VA) to find out how best to blend this new material with our more road-tested hits of yesteryear. To find out how it all works together join us this Easter Saturday, March 30th, in The Button Factory, when we’ll be raising a glass to Liz and remembering the wild adventures in babysitting we shared way back when.

Tickets for this show are NOW ON SALE online at and in Sound Cellar of Nassau St.

See you at the show!
Spring Break.

Tickets for this show have now sold out.

Thank you to all of you who have bought your tickets already, see you at show time!