Tickets for this year’s Christmas show have sold out. Thank you everyone who bought tickets. If you missed out and want to be the first to know of future shows please email us with “join” in the subject line and we’ll add you to our mailing list.
Hey Spring Break fans,
Kim Cattrall here – the guys have asked me to take some time out of my sex-filled schedule to blow news of their Christmas show in your ear.
Throughout the entirety of my professional life, from the moment I first met them at one of Jack Klugman’s pool parties to only last week when Jan Van Couver accompanied me to the launch of my new book – Sexcapades – Spring Break have been a source of near-constant emotional support and occasional physical comfort. And when required, the world’s premier super group have always been on hand to help me get inside the heads of the many badly sketched, one-dimensional characters that have defined my career.
Upon hearing I had won the role of Joanne Nicholls in Columbo, Jim Break taught me the directional secret of Peter Falk’s gaze. Before I stepped on the set of Big Trouble In Little China it was Kendrick Berrera who warned me that women get lost not in Kurt Russell’s eyes but in his hair. And only a couple of years ago Hilton Burbank assuaged any fears I had about Sex & the City 2 by telling me that every once in a while we all pocket an enormous cheque to take part in a disgusting vanity project devoid of even the slightest pretence of artistic merit or integrity.
The role I’m most proudly remembered for, however, is that of Emmy in the motion picture event, Mannequin. As an actress with such a wide and energetic range I was naturally worried about playing an inanimate object brought to life. Enter Spring Break, stage left. The guys turned their contacts book upside down and before I knew it I was sitting in William Shatner’s house with Bill himself, Roger Moore, Brigitte Nielsen, Judge Reinhold, Pierce Brosnan and a young Helen Hunt. Within hours I was imbued with not necessarily a sense that less is more but rather that scarcely anything at all is far too much. I was ready to just about act like I’d never barely acted before. It would turn out to be the non-performance of a lifetime – one that I will forever be indebted to the guys for enabling.
This Christmas I’ll be stopping by the Brown Thomas window to recreate the iconic poster for the movie with one of the men who set me on the path to discovering the wooden, one-trick routine that would come to exemplify the rest of my career: Jan Van Couver.
After that I’ll be going to see the man himself perform with Spring Break in The Button Factory on December 23rd. Tickets for this show are €26.50 and go on sale at 10am, Friday, October 21st, online at and in Sound Cellar of Nassau St. Doors open at 7.30pm, late club with Spring Break DJs til 3am.
I hope to see you at the show – you’d be a dummy to miss it!

Kim & Spring Break.


Tripod May the 21st 2011

We’ve received a lot of inquiries about tickets for Tripod this Sat.
There are still some available at
There will also be a number AVAILABLE ON THE NIGHT, AT THE DOOR.

Hey Spring Break fans,

The Most Reverend Rowan Williams here, spreading all the latest good news from the world of Spring Break. Please be seated.

It was late in to the night at the wedding reception of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer when I first discovered that women of the cloth, a chalice of good wine and the music of Kenny Loggins are just three of the passions I share with my good friends in Spring Break. A little over thirty years have passed since that unholiest of nights, but now, finally, I can look forward to engaging in another platonic one-night stand with the world’s premier, good-time 80s super group.


Being asked to preside over a royal wedding is the greatest honour that can be bestowed upon any cleric. Back in 1981 I was merely an assistant to my predecessor before last, the Most Reverend Robert Runcie. But now, at the wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton this April, yours truly is finally moving centre stage. It’s a big gig, though nothing compared to the burden Spring Break faced three decades ago.

Back then nobody knew what the future held for Spring Break, apart, of course, from Penny Thornton, Diana’s astrologer and confidante. It was the shrewd clairvoyant who peered in to her crystal ball and foresaw Spring Break providing imperial entertainment on her friend’s big day. Upon meeting Jan Van Couver the future Princess was immediately taken by his wit, charm and frank thoughts on age-harmonics and decided to harness the matrimonial expertise of the singer and his band mates. Jim Break would put his encyclopedic knowledge of precious stones to good work by picking the rings. Kenny Berrera would lubricate Prince Andrew’s best man’s speech. And Hilton Burbank would donate his horses, Porcaro and Lukather, to pull the ceremonial carriage to St Paul’s Cathedral.

But the jewel in the nuptial crown was Spring Break doing what they do best. That evening the band played one of their most majestic sets, dedicating Maneater, Easy Lover, (She’s A) Maniac, Material Girl and many others to the blushing bride. It was as happy as the People’s Princess would ever be as she battled through the minefield of public life. A public life lived like a candle in the wind.

On May 21st, Spring Break will be stopping by Dublin’s Tripod on their way back from Buckingham Palace to give a performance fit for a king. Tickets for this show are €26.50 and go on sale at 10am, Thursday, March 24th, online at and in Sound Cellar of Nassau St.

Hope to see you at the show – I’m going to move heaven and earth to be there. I pray to God you will too.

This email has ended, go in peace.

Rowan & Spring Break.



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Spring Break return to Infernos on Clapham High Street, London, on Sunday the 30th of May. Tickets can be purchased below using Paypal. A Paypal account is not required, all you need is a credit or debit card. Tickets will not be posted out to you. Your name and tickets purchased will be added to the guest list and you will be given wristbands on the door on the night. Doors open at 8pm and band onstage at 9pm sharp.



After Show Party

Hey Spring Break fans,

Sonny Prizewater here:

The band are currently recording their appearance on this year’s Muppets Christmas Special and have asked that I drop a line to bring you all tidings of stage times, ticket giveaways and post-gig festivities.

Doors for the Spring Break show in Vicar St on Dec 22nd open at 7.30pm and the band will be onstage at 8.30pm sharp, so be sure to get there early to get the jump on the queue. The night’s been a sell out for some time now but for those of you without tickets, or simply looking for more, all is not lost – you can get your hands on some by tuning in to The Morning Crew on Dublin’s 98. Dermot and Dave will be giving pairs away between 6 and 10am every weekday morning from now until the show.

December saw Spring Break successfully negotiate a senior management change at ConocoPhillips and I can now confirm they’ve brokered a deal that will see their Vicar St aftershow hosted by Pygmalion in the Powerscourt Centre on South William Street. Admission is free and Spring Break DJs Cherelle LeJarre-Brown, Nelson ‘Nelson James’ James and Tevin St Kitts-Jarreau IV will be spinning tunes from 11pm til 3am. So please come along after the gig and help us all make it a night to remember.

See you all at the show – and aftershow, hopefully.

Keep the Christmas fire burnin’,

Sonny & Spring Break.



Our show in Vicar Street on the 22nd of December has now sold out. We would like to thank all of you who bought tickets and are looking forward to seeing you all on the night.

Guten tag Spring Break fans,

Helmut Kohl here, delivering a short communiqué from your favourite super group. The guys are resting ahead of a hectic fourth quarter schedule and hope this memorandum finds you well. My brief today is to illuminate the future by lifting the curtain on the past. We shall begin.


All decades previous are burdened by the events they induced. The 1980s were no different. When I now think back to that time, some moments, more than others, retain a greater significance: Saddam Hussein launching a near decade-long waron Iran, the assassination of Olaf Palme, the Chernobyl disaster, the signing of the INF treaty, Richard Pryor setting himself on fire while freebasing cocaine. But it was the events of late 1989 in Berlin that still take my breath away.

Textbooks tell us Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan’s common desire for peace initiated the end of the Cold War – this I know to be true. But while their relationship did ultimately thaw that conflict, such a détente between the super powers of America and Europe was not unprecedented. The summer of 1984 gave us many things, but none more important than an act of political defiance that forced a super group to dream again. But before the dream, came a nightmare.

Spring Break’s otherworldly performance at the opening ceremony of that year’s Los Angeles Olympics was boycotted by Soviet TV networks angered by the band’s laissez faire approach to audacious hit making. This televisual embargo was the catalyst for Spring Break to draft The Van Couver Pact (VCP): a policy that sought musical liberalisation throughout Communist Europe.

Though I always believed the band’s intentions to be altruistic, some political leaders saw the VCP as an attempt to sell the Spring Break lifestyle and its accompanying merchandise to 300 million people yet to experience the sleek design of a Kendrick Berrera-endorsed sickle. Nevertheless, the guys were undeterred by such criticism and orchestrated a summit with Europe’s “Ambassadors of Rock”, Scorpions.

It is said the best relationships are those that are mutually beneficial and this affair was a match made in a musical hereafter. It was swiftly agreed Spring Break would call on their numerous business associates to secure Scorpions corporate sponsorship for their imminent ‘Love At First Sting’ American tour and all concert runs thereafter. In return, the German rockers would disseminate Spring Break paraphernalia at all their gigs east of the Brandenburg Gate.

This covert accord continued apace for three further years until, on the morning of June 12, 1987, both bands – escorted by long time Spring Break confidante, George P. Shultz – met with President Reagan ahead of his speech commemorating the 750th anniversary of Berlin. It was here that an openly emotional but unfaltering Hilton Burbank demanded the US Commander In Chief “tear down this wall”. It was only some two and a half years later that Europe’s great barrier of ideological division would collapse under chants of SPRING BREAK ÜBER ALLES.

This December 22nd, Spring Break will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of their role in spreading the vision of justice with a show in Dublin’s Vicar St. Tickets for this show are €24.50 and go on sale 11am this Friday Oct 16th, online and in Sound Cellar of Nassau St.

I’m looking forward to us all once again feeling so close, like brothers.

Keep das fire burnin’,

Helmut & Spring Break

Spring Break play at the Luminaire in Kilburn on Friday the 30th of October. Tickets available here



Tripod 15th of August


Hey Spring Break fans,

Peter Weller here, armed to serve but also protect you all from the latest arresting development in the world of Spring Break. Just caught up with the guys on the CB radio and they’ve asked I brief you with their sincerest regards.

When Spring Break docked their schooner in to the Hampton summer-home port of Hollywood producer Jon Davison in July of 1986, they came ashore with grade-A Quaaludes, a war chest of indeterminate cocktail mixture and a concept for what they thought would be the sure fire blockbuster comedy hit of 1987.  A heartwarming, bawdy romp set in the not too distant future..


Unfortunately, the future has a way of arriving unannounced.

If I said to you: “All star cast?” you’d probably reply: “Spring Break, Conrad Bain, Rue McClanahan, Bruce Boxleitner, Sharon Gless, Robin Givens, Mark Harmon, Lea Thompson, Robert Guillaume, Jack Klugman and Loni Anderson”.

And if I said to you: “How good would it be to see that ensemble in a movie, set not to far from now, playing cyborg cops who dispense booze first and ask questions later?” I’m guessing you’d say: “Tell me more”?

Well, what if I told you this predictably implausible vision of a few years after tomorrow is a world where all holiday resorts are 5 star, ghettos have been eradicated due to equality of cocktail dissemination and passports have been replaced by personalised Ray-Bans? Don’t answer, just think about it.

The executives at Orion Pictures didn’t need even a second to do so – Robocops was green lighted but then inexplicably shelved almost as quickly as you could say ‘enormous act of folly in the making’. Rumours still abound as to why this happened. Some say it was due to Spring Break’s insistence of a gratuitous product placement every 45 seconds. Others still, cite the focusing of their efforts on making their inaugural Pebble Beach Pro-Am tournament a success. Though most critics still agree it was due, in large, to Jan Van Couver demanding the project be a solo effort called Robocop – like that would work..

But that was the past, when the future wasn’t what it used to be – now yesterday’s tomorrow is here, at last. This August 15th, Spring Break will be celebrating the long-anticipated cinematic release of Robocops with a show in Dublin’s Tripod. Tickets for this show are €24.50 and go on sale at 10am Wednesday July 1st, online at and in Sound Cellar of Nassau St.

I’m looking forward to being on the beat with you all.

Keep the fire burnin’,

Peter & Spring Break

Hey Spring Break fans,

John Young here, beaming the latest news from your favourite 80s supergroup in to your world. I’ve asked and heard the reply in the affirmative: the guys hope this telemetric communication finds you well.

“We choose to put a supergroup in space in this decade not

because it is easy, but because it is hard, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win.” President Reagan’s stirring words in January 1981 set his nation one of its greatest challenges; they embraced the necessity of invention, decried the propensity for convention and acted as a launch pad for a few brave souls to boldly play where no supergroup had before. They were 45 words that would test Jan Van Couver and his trailblazing musical life partners beyond the infinite bounds of their imaginations.

But let’s come back down to earth for a minute. Though there was a respect for the audacity of the mission when, in late 1980,
intelligence reports surfaced disclosing Soviet plans to fire into space a Russian ‘супергруппа’ (supergroup) to ‘выполните выше чем
орел’ (perform higher than an eagle), the undertaking did appear to us at NASA to contain one hubristic oversight: before you try to harmonise in space, you must first learn to sing in space.

We were in unchartered territory; a dangerous zone that called for a hit-machine with the heart of a rock’n’roller. An exhaustive search to find such a man was conducted and returned one outstanding candidate. Some three years later, Project Footloose launched the popular recording artist Kenneth Clark “Kenny” Loggins in to orbit around the Earth for long enough to perform his Grammy award winning album High
in its entirety. Assignment completed, Loggins departed the programme to resume his career as a popular recording artist.

The ante would now be upped: Project H2O would see the crew double in size. Three years later, on December 26th, 1986, Daryl Franklin Hall and John William Oates blasted off on an expedition that would see them successfully doo-wop continuously in near-earth orbit for 17 hours. Though our worst fears regarding the capability of lustrous facial hair to withstand re-entry were confirmed, Daryl and John’s remarkable vocal zigzagging finally allayed our doubts about the effects of counterpoint harmonising in space. The way had been paved for belief to subsume President Reagan’s audacious dream.

A special craft, designed to sustain lengthy space jams was readied, and on April 4th, 1989 Project Wayfarer lifted-off, starting Spring Break out on a flight that would, from that day forth, make it difficult to say what is impossible by allowing us to see that the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.

Now, on April 4th 2009, 20 years after that day the billboard chart stood still, Spring Break are to mark this special anniversary with a concert for all mankind in Dublin’s Tripod. Tickets for this show are EURO 24.50 and go on sale this Friday March 6th at 10am online at and in Sound Cellar of Nassau St.

I hope to see you there – I just know it’s gonna be out of this world.

Until then,

Keep the solar flares burnin’,

John & Spring Break


How to create a frontman

Here’s the intro video from our Christmas shows in Tripod…Enjoy!

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