Friday July 13th & 20th
All the online tickets have sold out for both nights but tickets are still available at Sound Cellar on Nassau St.

The Sugar Club, door 8pm
Tickets €18 from Sound Cellar and City Discs

Hey everybody,
Spring Break here,

We’re busy planning and rehearsing for our summer shows in the Sugar Club this coming July (13th and 20th), but have taken a little time out of our schedule to let you know about the latest Breaking news.

We hope this electronic message finds you all well.

When our official biographer, Rudy ‘Baby’ Kerzner, contacted us last year with a view to updating our authorised biography, ‘Breaking Hearts – The Spring Break Story’, it took us all of a New York Minute to agree to meet our former press agent for what we thought would be a standard, emotionally distant, heart-to-heart. “Sure, we’ll chew the cud and shoot the breeze about the Dom DeLuise incident again and hey presto; we’ll have another bestseller and a string of holiday homes in the Hamptons on our hands.”

It became quickly apparent however, that the man who had first interviewed us for Life Magazine at Gilda Radner’s Vermont summer home back in ’81, had arrived at Hilton Burbank’s penthouse suite at the Dakota building with more than just a pen, notepad and nearly 30 years of ‘remember the time’ bonhomie. He also had a set of searching questions that were linked by one word: Pulitzer.

Over the course of three soul-baring months, Rudy delved deep for answers about events we had long ago placed in a vault of emotion marked ‘That Was Yesterday’. No longer did he seem content to toast Spring Break by quaffing the champagne stories of the glory years: what he wanted was to get up close and personal; to crack open a sixer and intoxicate himself with the dull froth of the dark times. Yes; trade embargoes, and our casual flaunting of them, have bookmarked our time together as a performing group, but it nonetheless came as a surprise to us all, to find ourselves finally lifting our self-imposed ‘truth embargo’ on the tumultuous events of the year that almost broke us, as both musicians and human beings: 1985.

No topic is left uncovered in this candid tell-all which has led the New York Times to say: “A who’s who of entertainment and politics, it reads like a cultural almanac and is possibly the most important document since Battlefield Earth. From their shameless antics at the We Are the World recording session, to their misinterpreted version of the Star Spangled Banner at Wrestlemania I, right through their involvement in the advertising campaign for New Coke, and on to their infamous show in Sun City, Spring Break finally lift the lid on the Annus Horribilis that left them on the brink”.

1985 – Breaking the Silence: Volume I is released on Friday July 13 th and we’ll be taking to the stage in the Sugar Club that night to celebrate its release. The following Friday, July 20th, sees the release of 1985 – Breaking the Silence: Volume II which will be marked also by a spectacular Sugar Club show. Tickets for both these events go on sale Friday May 25 th and are available in Sound Cellar, City Discs, and online at

Below are some of the exciting stills from 1985 – Breaking the Silence: Volume II. Be sure to check back soon to for sensational sneak excerpts from both books.

See you at show time.

Keep the fire burnin’,
Spring Break

We’ve just posted some photos of our Frat’s day Show here:

Sunday 18th March,
Temple Bar Music Centre
doors 8pm, live music & club till 3am

Many thanks to all you beautiful folk who braved the weather and made it such a special night!

Check out our pre-gig movie

Spring Break.


As we move into the season which threw up the debauched event to which we lend our name, we here at Spring Break Towers are ready to move through the gears once again and make plans for the year ahead. That’s not to say we haven’t been working flat out since the holidays though: far from it, in fact. For the past five weeks we’ve been writing a synth-musical based on the life of our greatly-missed friend and economic adviser, Milton Friedman.

Distilling the essence of a man whose belief in the free-market was matched only by his faith in the music of Huey Lewis wasn’t easy, but we soon found our personal memories of this true behemoth of 20th Century economics bankrolled a surplus of wistful, yet emotionally prudent compositions. We will forever be indebted to Milton for campaigning, on our behalf, for the great Reagan tax cut of 1981 and we hope this show goes some way to posthumously repaying a man whose ideology – when finally implemented – enabled us to live on enormous, custom-built catamarans for over 25 years.

The show is called ‘You Can’t Say Laissez Fairer Than That’, and opens on Broadway this summer. We’re delighted to tentatively announce that our old hunting buddy, Andrew McCarthy, is in talks to play the lead. The title track and a shorter companion piece – ‘Smooth Liberal’ – will hopefully be available for download in the fall.

With this emotionally intense period of composing concluded, we last week decamped to our rehearsal yacht in the Virgin Islands, in an effort to get to know ourselves, each other and our music again. Now that our souls have been searched, our batteries recharged and our music re-invigorated, we’ve set a course for March 18th and the Temple Bar Music Centre.

We’ll be stopping to pick up Sonny Prizewater and Campari, Schweppes & Ice from round Kokomo somewhere on the way home, but we’ll be back in enough time to construct a show that would make our cronies on the Super Bowl Organisation Committee blush.

Keep the fire burnin’,
Spring Break

Spring Break Life

Friday 22nd Dec, Temple Bar Music Centre
Door 7.30, show 8.30, venue closes 11pm, €15 cover.

Tickets are available online at, in Sound Cellar on Temple Lane and City Discs on Nassau St.

*** For a chance to win one of five pairs of tickets for Friday’s show***
Tune into Life! with Orla Barry, Newstalk 106 – 108fm, Tuesday 19th December, 9 – 11am.
Listen out for the question and text your answer to 53106
texts cost 30c

Hey Everybody,
Michael McDonald here:

The Spring Break guys are currently spreading their good-time party vibes in Botswana as part of the PR drive of their benefactors and companions in the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency sector of the World Bank, so they’ve asked me to drop you all a line in their absence.

As you may be aware – unless you “Keep Forgettin” – the Break show on December 23rd in the Temple Bar Music Centre has completely sold out. Due to the preternatural demand for tickets they experienced in the aftermath of the ‘sold out’ signs going up, Spring Break have decided to add an extra date – a Special Xmas Preview – on the preceding night, Friday December 22nd.

In stark contrast to what John McClane felt at Xmas 1989, Spring Break are greatly looking forward to ‘the same shit happening to the same guys twice,’ and promise to play hard with a vengeance for all who attend over both nights of The Miracle On Curved Street.

May “Ya Mo Be There” with you all this holiday season,
Mike McDonald


Christmas show

Spring Break: Miracle on Curved St.
Live 80’s music & dj until 3am
Temple Bar Music Centre
Saturday 23rd December
Doors 7.30pm €20 cover

All advance & online tickets are gone, see above for 2nd show.

See you there
Spring Break


We’ve been surprised before, but this takes the cake – all advance tickets are gone! If you didn’t get yours, don’t panic.

A small amount of tickets will be available from 8pm at the Sugar Club on the night of the performance, first come first served.
Due to the huge demand tickets cannot be reserved either from the Sugar Club or ourselves.

Sold out Spring Break shows have long been known to revolutionise attitudes, morals and even entire belief systems, but now Ireland’s leading super group can proudly announce that their crepuscular, pacific grooves have initiated regime change in the former Soviet state of Nukehavistan.

It all began last year when senior representatives of Chevron-Texaco Corp, Conoco-Phillips and Nestle contacted Jan Van Couver about the possibility of his charges becoming the first western group to play in the rogue nation’s capital, Warhednya.

The show took place last Saturday and with all six of us hitting top gear, things were really cookin’ by the time we were joined onstage by long time buddy Dom DeLuise for a flamboyant run through You’re The Voice. The resultant riot lasted a week and turned power over to a merciless, dictatorial junta: Spring Break fled the country by helicopter and hitched a ride home from theBlack Sea aboard the USS Reagan.

We’re now resting up after the ordeal and are obeying doctor’s orders to keep replenishing fluid at every opportunity – though whether sinking a bevy of Brandy Alexanders and Margaritas by mid morning are part of those orders is questionable, but experience has taught us the only way to plan an electrifying show in the Sugar Club is with a robust cocktail in hand.

See you at show time,
Spring Break

Catch us outdoors at Castlepalooza, Charleville Castle, Tullamore Co. Offaly, Sunday August 6th

Spring Break will dust off the seldom heard gems of U.S. 80’s music and play an unrelenting, emotionally charged set of high-octane, chest-beating floor-fillers that will have you punching the air, weeping openly and regretting you never got to the JFK stadium for Live Aid.

But now’s your chance to come as close to that beautiful day in July ’85 as this generation can…

For line-up, tickets and directions go to


Sugar Club Update

Hey all… quick update about Spring Break tickets for the Sugar Club shows at the end of the month:

Tickets are no longer available online for the show on the 30th: they sold out this afternoon!
There are still some tickets available online for the show on the 23rd: click on

You can find tickets for both shows in City Discs and Sound Cellar but haste is advised as sales are reportedly brisk.

As always, a very limited number of tickets will be purchasable at the door on the nights of both shows, though leaving it that late is about as sensible as making Burt Reynolds your best man – believe me, we know.

We’re 99% certain these are going to be our last gigs before a Christmas week or New Year’s Eve show so get yourself a ticket and get yourself along for some high-octane tunes and a raft of raffish antics… Spring Break style.

See you at show time,
Spring Break

After a short rest – following their work as the musical guests and
general antic makers at the wedding of long-time friend and confidant,
Bubba “Hightower” Smith – Spring Break are back…as brazen as a Carl
Lewis Olympic medal haul and as excited as Dom DeLuise at an
all-you-can-eat sea food buffet.

Spring Break have spent a long time on the road this past career and
the daily grind of a lobster breakfast in a hot-tub, followed by a
sold out show and wild after show party have left the Break hungry for
something that they – like Whoopi Goldberg in Jumpin’ Jack Flash –
have missed for sometime: intimacy. Since they’re totally incapable of
achieving it in monogamous relationships the band have decided that
it’s you – their fans – who they’re gonna get up close and intimate

Yes; you guys roundly asked for it, so Spring Break are giving it to
you. Only this time they’re giving it to you twice. That’s right, this
June, Spring Break are reappearing at the Sugar Club for the not just
Friday the 23rd but also for Friday the 30th. Just like DeVito beside
Schwarzenegger in Twins – it’ll be half the size, but twice the fun.

Tickets for both these shows are available online at
and also in City Discs and Sound Cellar. A very limited amount will be
available at the door of the venue on the night. We recommend that to avoid any queues you order online & get them posted out to you.
Check the attached flyer for more info.

Look forward to seeing you there
Spring Break

“Spring Break…the best friend a good time ever had” – Kim Cattrall

“Call them crazy; call them screwballs; call them freaked out – but
just make sure you call them.” – Harold Ramis

“I haven’t seen such needless excess since I viewed Brewster’s
Millions with Loni Anderson at Jack Elam’s ranch.” – Burt Reynolds

“We’re very proud to be sponsoring the European leg of this tour, and
we’re confident that Spring Break can promote our brand in all
territories and thereby ensure that ‘The Heat Is On’ our competitors.”
– Donald D. Humphreys (Senior Vice President and Treasurer of Exxon
Mobil Corporation)

Firstly, Merry New Year and Thanks to all you beautiful people for the love in 2005 – Spring Break salutes you!

And now a news flash…
If there’s one thing Thanksgiving in rehab taught us it’s ‘get back onstage!’
That’s why we’re back playing the Temple Bar Music Centre, Thursday 16th March.

Tickets will be available shortly.

Christmas Party!Springbreak are taking over the Temple Bar Music Centre on Friday the 23rd of December. We will be joined on the night by some very special guests and there will be a disco til late. More bulletins as events warrant.