Hi everyone.
Following last week’s rapid ticket sales we’ve added an extra Tripod date for the holiday season.

Spring Break: the repeat.
Mon 29th Dec, Tripod Harcourt St. Dub2
Doors 7pm, €24.50 cover, dj till late.

Tickets are now on sale online at tickets.ie and in City Discs (Temple Lane) & Sound Cellar (Nassau St.);

Happy hunting!

Spring Break

Tickets for Tripod Dec 23rd are sold out in the shops and online. Many thanks for buying them so swiftly!

Due to external computer trickery, tickets.ie suspended online sales for an hour yesterday from around 10.30am to install new security measures. We understand this left some of you without tickets and we apologise.
We have more shows to announce shortly, so email JOIN to springbreak80s@gmail.com to get on our mailing list.

In the meantime, here’s a personal message from our refreshment consultant, Sonny Prizewater.

Hey Spring Break fans, Sonny Prizewater here.

As some of you will know, it was cocktails, ribald tales and dexterity with a knife that saw me rise through the ranks of Outatime Industries – Spring Break’s corporate arm – but it is my ability to spot second rate business opportunities that has kept me there for so long. I’ve never looked back since advising the guys against sinking capital in to Heaven’s Gate back in 1980. It was also me who pleaded with Jim Break to plough everything he had in to bubble dispensing pipes in ’86: that one put his kids through college.

As news has just filtered through that Spring Break’s Xmas spectacular in Tripod has sold out, it’s obvious to me that there many others out there with similar foresight. Thanks to all of you who picked up tickets for this show – we aim to make it not just the most fun-filled night of the holidays but also the best investment you’ve ever made.

Keep the fire burnin’

Sonny & Spring Break

Spring Break: Four More Years!

Tues Dec 23rd, 2008, Tripod, Harcourt St. Dublin 2.

Tickets go onsale 10am this Thursday 6th November and cost €24.50 incl. booking fee.
Buy online from tickets.ie and in City Discs, Temple Bar & Sound Cellar on Nassau St.

Hey Spring Break fans,

James Baker here, dispensing the latest news from you favourite 80s Super Group. The band guarantees me they hope this electronic correspondence finds you well.

It was way back in the fall of 1983 – when I was serving as the Chief of Staff in the Reagan White House – that, in conversation with Ted Koppel on Nightline, Jan Van Couver memorably asserted: “When you’re in Spring Break, every night is Saturday night. Heck-fire Ted, every day is Saturday night! Don’t get me wrong, we respect time, it’s just we aren’t controlled by it. We know, of course, that for every minute spent organising an hour is earned, but gosh darn it, we don’t count every hour in the day, we just make every hour count. You dig what I’m putting down, Ted? You dig that?”

It was clear Ted didn’t, but after spending the best part of six months on the road with the guys during the Presidential campaign of the following year, I sure did. After a few weeks, the days began to merge like MCI Communications and WorldCom. It was an emotional vortex but also the most exciting time of my life. For Jan, Hilton, Carmichael, Kenny and Jim however, it was a much longer ride; a disorienting one that would come crashing to an end, on October 19th, 1987: Black Monday.

Experts still disagree as to what caused the world’s markets to shed such a huge value that morning, though it has long been my view it was the news ABC would not be picking up Sledge Hammer for a third season. There is, though, less confusion surrounding what caused the markets to rally in the days following the decline.

Kenny Berrera – whose great grandfather introduced Charles Dow and Edward Jones – was having lunch in Martha’s Vineyard with Alan Greenspan, the head of the Federal Reserve, as events unfolded that afternoon.

The Chairman of America’s central banking system was aghast at what was unfolding before him, by close of business he was also perplexed: perplexed as to how Spring Break shares were the only units of account that had continued to rise in value as all others nosedived. At this moment, he turned to the urbane guitarist for counsel.

Berrera explained that he had seen the crash coming; that because of unstable portfolio insurance derivatives it was “an accident waiting to happen” and also “imminently forecastable”. He told Greenspan he had taken Spring Break’s entire portfolio the previous week and reinvested it in Michael Jackson bonds – Jackson was to release his album Bad on October 24th – and how it was this alliance with their old buddy that inspired the markets’ confidence in Spring Break.

It was Berrera who then advised the Fed to affirm its “readiness to serve as a source of liquidity to support the economic and financial system”. A catastrophic crisis had been averted thanks to Kenny’s swift and decisive action, though it would be years before the markets fully recovered nonetheless. It was business as usual for Spring Break, however. That winter they penned Waiting for a Star to Fall and made a memorable cameo appearance on the Cosby Show Holiday special.

This Xmas, they’ll be breaking from their advisory role to current Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, to once again take to the stage at Dublin’s Tripod, on December 23rd, 2008.

Tickets to this show are €24.50 and go on sale Thursday 6th November at 10am online www.tickets.ie and in Sound Cellar on Nassau St. These tickets are sure to be the hottest commodities in town, so don’t miss out. The recovery starts here, people.

See you at show time

Keep the Fire burnin’,

James & Spring Break


Tripod ticket requests

Hi all.

We’ve had lots of people asking for tickets for Sept 27th. Sorry but all the tickets are sold out.
If any of our guests don’t show up that night we may release their tickets on a 1st come 1st served basis.

In the meantime, email springbreak80s@gmail.com and we’ll put you on our mailing list, so you’ll get early warning of the next show.

To those with tickets, let’s make it a Grand Old Party!
Spring Break

Hey Spring Break fans, Sonny Prizewater here.

Over the more than three decades I’ve been an employee of Outatime Industries – Spring Break’s corporate arm – I’ve witnessed historic events, made some unforgettable cocktails and seen inspiration inspired, but these past 24hrs have really waylaid me. News has just reached me that our Super Saturday show in Tripod sold out last night as I was making my way to Beijing for the Olympic ceremony later today.

I immediately contacted the guys to let them know and I can tell you, I haven’t heard such composed disbelief since I phoned Ron and Nancy back in late ’83 to tell them of their landslide victory over Mondale (photo attached). Thanks, on behalf of us all, for ticking the box marked Spring Break and once again making us your #1. We look forward to seeing you at the show.

Keep the fire burnin’,

Sonny & Spring Break

Tickets go on sale at 9.27am next Thursday August 7th, online at
www.tickets.ie , Sound Cellar & City Discs.

*** Know someone who’s not on our mailing list? Email ‘JOIN’ to
springbreak80s@gmail.com ***

Ed Rollins here, canvassing on behalf of your favourite 80s Super
Group. The band assures me they hope this electronic correspondence
finds you well.

As we all know, the enduring appeal of Spring Break is often
attributed to their construction of bipartisan pop hits that
bandwagoned and sloganeered their way to the top of the Billboard
Chart. Somewhat less well known however, is that the ease with which
these melodic market leaders were created owes much to the laissez
faire song writing climate that bore them.

I have long seen the guys’ rehearsal yacht as being both a free market
of creativity and a vessel of musical self-regulation: a pristine
sailboat where the greatest demand is for and of themselves. Song
writing sessions have often been fraught – it’s true that cocktails
have been thrown, satin shirts ripped and beard trimmers hidden – but
in the end they have always pulled together and asked the same
questions of each other: is this the best we can do? Can we make this
more commercially viable? Are you drinking that?

And so it is every four years when Spring Break turn their attention
to another of their great passions: the political future of the free

Sure, sumptuous tax breaks and prime investment opportunities with
military contractors are the kind of benefits the guys have enjoyed as
lifelong card-carriers of the GOP, but this is one band that has never
shirked its political responsibility. While many of their peers have
spent their careers hiding behind liberal rhetoric, Spring break have
allowed their actions to speak as loudly as their shirts. It was this
I had in mind when I made my boldest move as the National Director of
the Reagan/Bush Presidential campaign of 1984.

September 27th, 1983 was the date and NBC Studios in NYC the place
that the race for The White House irreversibly turned in favour Ron
and George that election year. It was when and where an unrepeated
precedent occurred in American politics: a debate between the
favourite musical artists of both nominees. Fighting the corner for
the Mondale/Ferraro Democratic that night was a singer/songwriter
called Bob Dylan.

Though the opening exchanges were nervy – with both sides attacking
the vacuity of the others’ lyrics – the aging troubadour began to
falter under Spring Break’s electric onslaught. Dylan’s doubts about
the GOP’s commitment to foreign aid, for instance, seemed imprudent
once he was informed by Sonny Prizewater that he and his band had once
blessed the rains down in Africa.

The contest, and entire campaign, changed in one instant however, when
Dylan claimed it should be him and not Spring Break who should act as
musical director for the planned Hollywood blockbuster, Cocktail. The
frail folk balladeer claimed he had learned all there was to know
about the art form from Kenny Loggins while holidaying with the
bearded soundtrack machine in Montego Bay during the fall of ’82.

Jan Van Couver’s reply was as swift as it was defining: “Bob, I’ve
played with Kenny Loggins; I know Kenny Loggins; Kenny Loggins is a
friend of mine. Bob, you’re no Kenny Loggins.” With that, the
Mondale/Ferraro campaign was knocking on heaven’s door. Ron and George
were returned to the White House later that year with a 49 State
landslide victory.

I will always be indebted to the guys’ performance that night. Despite
my best efforts, it was the last time we would see Spring Break in a
televised political debate. But now, 25 years later, they have chosen
to remember that moment with a commemorative music concert in Dublin’s
Tripod, September 27th, 2008.

Tickets to this Super Saturday show are €24.50 and go on sale at
9.27am, Thursday August 7th, online at www.tickets.ie and in Sound
Cellar on Nassau St. I hope to be there myself and look forward to
voting Spring Break with you all.

Until then,

Keep the fire burnin’

Ed & Spring Break

After many months working in the lab we’ve finally managed to convert our Polaroids from our Christmas show in Tripod into digital form and have posted them here


Tripod Sold Out!!

Hi folks,

Tickets for April 12th are all sold out – if you haven’t got yours, get on the mailing list in time for our next show; email us at

To the lucky ticket holders, many thanks to you for snapping up all tickets, retail & online in just a few days!

All our best,
Spring Break

Hey Spring Break fans,

Carl Lewis here, relaying all the latest news from your favourite 80s Super Group.

An insatiable appetite for glory, a passion for smashing world records, a holier than thou sense of self-righteousness, a voracious attitude to corporate backhanders, and a chequered past when it comes to drug use are just some of the attributes I share with my good friends in Spring Break. But there’s another common bond between us, something for which we will all likely be remembered, forever more: our startling performances at the Los Angeles Summer Olympics of 1984. But let’s jump back some 90 years before that perfect moment in time…

When Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee in Paris back in 1894, he bestowed upon the movement a three word motto: “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (Faster, Higher, Stronger). This adage is one I have always strived to live by throughout my career as a God-fearing track and field athlete of world renown. On the evening of July 28th 1984, at the opening ceremony of the Games of the XXIII Olympiad however, Spring Break set about rewriting the Baron’s near century old aphorism with a set that is still the gold medal standard for every gig since played, or yet imagined.

The headline on the front page of the LA Times the following morning simply read: “Atarachos, Oraios, Yperfysikos” (Composed, Beautiful, Supernatural). These three tenets have been the basis for every Spring Break show since the Pacific sun set on that otherworldly appearance at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, and it will be no different when the band appears at Tripod on Saturday April 12th to reprise their Olympic set in its entirety.

Before then there is the small matter of aiding me, and other former Games legends, in delivering the torch to Beijing for the start of this year’s festival of deception. But rest assured, this trans-continental slog will not incapacitate the guys one bit: they’ll be undertaking their leg – the first leg – of the journey aboard Mary Lou Retton’s private jet.

Tickets to this Tripod show are €24.50 and are on sale now online at www.tickets.ie and in Sound Cellar on Nassau St. I hope to be there myself and look forward to running up a considerable drinks tab with you all.

Until then,
Keep the fire burnin’

Carl & Spring Break

Spring Break: The Miracle on Harcourt Street
Sold Out.

Spring Break fans,

Jan Van Couver here, currently writing you from the Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat Spa.

Marilu Henner and I are now on the final leg of our extended holiday tour of the world’s top integrated health hideaways. This prolonged sojourn – my first of 30+ years in music, excepting, of course, an enforced break from entertaining huge crowds in the early 90s, due to the short-lived popularity of a swathe of be-flannelled ‘musicians’ with a dubiously bleak world view – has taken in many destinations..

Stays at The Ashram and The Esalen Institute in California, In:Spa in Marrakech and The Big Stretch in northern Spain’s Picos mountains have ignited a flame in my nerve centre, and allowed me to once more clearly focus on the axiom that underscores audacious hit-making: dream; interpret; beguile.

But enough show: more business.

News has arrived freshly via telefax that the Spring Break Xmas Show 2007: The Miracle on Harcourt Street © has now sold out. On behalf of Carmichael, Hilton, Jim, Kendrick and myself, thank you to all who picked up tickets for what we guarantee will be the most fun-filled night of theatrics you could have this coming holiday season. Our entire production team is now in full swing planning the show and our hope is to eclipse all that has gone before in our career together as a friends, colleagues and members of the GOP.

We’ll be making a special announcement closer to the event so be sure to look out for further electronic mails, or check in with us at our home on the Information Superhighway: www.springbreak80s.com

Keep the fire burnin’,
Jan & Spring Break